ALMA SKILLS DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES is mostly concerned with education. A company that provides educational and motivational advisory services.

ALMA SKILLS DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES was founded to assist students who have failed or are underperforming academically.

To ensure that students and candidates receive the best education possible, Alma Skills has increased its level of collaboration with various professional institutions such as Breyer Group of Colleges, School of Skills, Institut Teknologi Baiduri and many more.



Becoming an excellent educational institution produces professionals competent to materialize the vision of the country.

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Create opportunities for students to develop potential and achieve excellence in education and skills training.


Our goal is to pull a group of people together, creating alignment around our work, and pushing everyone out along a coordinated path towards a goal.

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Alma Skills Development Resources is an institution that offers advisory and a motivator in the field of education to ensure the growth, and empowerment of quality youth in the country.


TVET programme are located all around Malaysia.However,the student will be placed according to their preferred location.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) is the skill oriented education or training programme that prepare the student with the knowledge and skills required in the job sector.

TVET programme graduates will be more proficient in better then academic programme graduates.this advantages will open up more oppurtunity in employment sector that require their worker to expertise in technical skills.

The entrance fee are differ according to the course offered/applied.

  • welding
  • electrical technician
  • office management
  • automotive
  • computer network system
  • culinary art
  • filming
  • creative graphic
  • creative multimedia
  • beauty/aesthethic
  • aerly childhood education
  • reading
  • writing
  • calculating/counting

please contact 0136359646 (en Hadi) for registration or more enquiries

students can work in any field that are related to their course in any Goverment or Non-goverment sector

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