Best Application & Extension for Student

Online learning are common things for student nowadays. Especially after world been through Covid-19 pandemic which most of them start to learn and get used to the new learning system. Hence, there are various application have been developed and renewed to ease the process of study. Below, there are 2 categories of application and extension that useful particularly for colleague student.

Taking Notes

Creating your own notes are one of the learning process that really efficient for student. This method also depends on how student design their notes. Some fond with graphic notes and some love to make a mind maps. Many student also admit that reading from their own hand writing help them to remember more than from the printing notes. This is not a big problem anymore since many application today allow student to create creative notes in digital while continue utilize their hand writing and creativity on it.

i. Microsoft OneNote

One of those application is Microsoft OneNote. No more notebook and pen on hand. This application ease student to taking note and recording the audio during lecture. Student also have various choice of method whether typing, sketching or write for their note. Moreover, they easily could add any necessary picture or other notes from their device to create more creative and attractive content. The note that have been done could be move freely around the page and also been organized by sections. This application also allow student to share their notes with others through internet network.

ii. GoodNotes

GoodNotes is a simple apps and ideal for those who dislike complicated features. It also have common with other apps which student could easily organized their note into particular folder. There are many features such as different size and type of brush, background page and highlighter which most suitable for tablet user. They also could easily draw curve and straight line with auto fixing. Other advantages is this apps allow to export or import various type of document into it.

iii. XMind

XMind is an apps that specifically to create a mind map. Student able to customize their mind map to different design, theme, layout, font and line colour which different with some default layout. It make it look more neat and attractive to read. Besides, student also free to choose any kind of diagram or chart such as flow, relation or summarization depends on it purpose. This apps could also help student to enhance their memorizing skill with it visual notes.

iv. Reader View (extension chrome)

Most of college student usually read a journal or any kind of research paper as reference for their assignment. However, sometimes there are default layout that could cause stress on brain. Reader View help student get rid of all visual distraction and choose their own preference of journal or article layout such as they could change background colour to avoid stress on eyes; choose any preference paragraph; highlighting the line and most exciting part is they could add some note or point in the article and save it in pdf format.

Be Systematic & Organized

Student tend to lose their focus on the main task sometimes because they forgot to make thing organized and systematic. When there are too much task come once, they could easily feel anxious and end up failed to do their task properly. Therefore, it is important to ensure your work been organized which could be a big help in finishing your work on time.

i. Taskade

Taskade come with both application and extension. It could help student setting up their upcoming project and organized daily ‘to do’ list. The project could be sort based on the dateline and set a reminder which avoid student from miss the important task. There are multiple fun layout are also available that make it look less plain.

ii. OneTab

When writing an essay, usually student forgot to clean their tab and piling up the previous tab on browser. However, OneTab apps allow student to sort and organize the tab into one. For example, there are five tab of article about philosophy and five about maths. With this apps student could sort 10 tab into only two tab by it specific main topic. This could ease student to find the reference they have saved without take much time.

iii. Google Drive

Google Drive is a common apps student most likely use nowadays as a storage of their assignment and a platform to submit their task to tutor or lecturer. It easy to access which it only need to sign with a google account. The best part of this application is it can save space of your device since all the document were saved in cloud storage. Other than that, this apps are sync with any type of document such as google doc, sheet and pdf. It also allow student to create a folder to organize multiple file. If student download a desktop version, they still could access the document even without internet network.

iv. Grammarly

Grammarly is a chrome extension that can be downloaded for free from google. It could help student fixing any grammar, punctuation and spelling error to minimize your time for work. It also have a feature that could tell whether your work are informal or formal. It is a straight forward tools that only need you to copy your work from google doc or Microsoft words and paste to proofread automatically.

There are much more other application that student could try such as Session, Quizlet, Forest and Thyself which able to help student to have a productive day. It also able to get rid of distraction from losing focus while study. Nevertheless, all are depends on individual effort itself to make digital world worth as learning experience.


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